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  • Never Give Up Volume 1

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When pen meets paper, imagination runs wild

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Flora by Ameline Martelly

Canadian writer since 2009


$ 21.99 /paperback
  • 46 Pages
  • Available on Amazon, Ebay and Xlibris.
  • Category : Fantasy Story

Never Give Up Volume 1

$ 15.99 /paperback
  • 58 Pages
  • Available on Amazon, Ebay and Xlibris.
  • Category : Poems
Never Give Up Volume 1 Read a few poems!
  • Never Give Up Exerpt 1
  • Never Give Up Exerpt 2
  • Never Give Up Exerpt 3
Never Give Up Volume 1 is the first of a trilogy of poems written by Ameline Martelly in 2009 while being inspired by multiple personal and political events.

30 poems touching different topics and age groups

Download the free sample of book:

Sample of Never Give Up Volume 1 (6 poems)

About The Author

Ameline Martelly Published Author

Ameline Martelly, a mother of five children, grew up in the island of St. Lucia(which is situated in the Caribbean). She went through many trials and struggles in her love life as well as her family life. The situations that she went through has only helped to make her grow stronger and has cultivated her to be the bright and confident person she is today.
Since 2003, she has settled in Canada, where she got married and continues to write for pleasure. Her two published books were also written while in Canada.

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A quick peak into Flora

Flora is the story of a young girl who lived in a faraway land called Amadivia. Years after her father remarried, Flora’s beauty caused her stepmother and stepsisters to despise her. One day, she met a handsome prince who fell in love with her. However, her jealous family devised an evil scheme to be rid of Flora and steal her happy ending. On discovering the truth, the prince set out in search of his true love. In the end, what he found was a lot more than a future bride.
Flora excerpt Front

Front Cover

Flora excerpt Back

Back Cover

Flora excerpt Page 3

Page 3

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Page 11

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Read all of those great reviews

Her books are incredible - there is no doubt about it. Those who read it know it already. Read just some of the awesome reviews.

Review Book

Some reviews by friends and others who have read her books.

  • Ameline Martelly is a great writer and she likes to share her passion with others.

    - Monica James
  • She has inspired me and given me great advice because of all what she has been through.

    - Alexandre Tremblay
  • She is a great writer. She never gives up, just like her book says, and she pursues her dreams whole heartedly.

    - Julia St Marthe